What Are The Most Effective Ways of Using Facebook for Business?


Just a few weeks back we were invited to talk about the 5 keys to attracting more fans on social media at the first “Leaders In Heels: Creating Brand Awareness Online” workshop.

The presentation went on for about 10 minutes, followed by half an hour of questions from the hungry audience. We really enjoyed the panel! Some questions were particularly challenging, others entertaining and many were very interesting.

Out of 170 ladies (and a few gents) registered we had about 90 business owners turning up on a rainy night in Sydney. Well done, everyone!

anna speaking at leaders in heels

A few days after the event, once images made their way to the social media, we had a few people asking us more and more social media questions; so we decided to go SOCIAL posting the #ASKANNA update on our Facebook Page and a few other community Pages we like to hang out at. The respond was overwhelming!

This is why we decided to share a few awesome questions with you, trying our best answering them.

“Who are some great examples of social media excellence and why?”

Great question indeed! In fact, we find it inspirational and helpful to watch well performing social media accounts in order to come up with your own awesome stuff. Led by example, I say! :)

There are a few Facebook Page, Instagram accounts, Twitter campaigns and Pinterest Boards we admire; however we will share one today. Red Bull is one of the awesome examples of creating content FOR consumers. Less ‘Buy me!’ and more Engagement, Entertaining, Visual, Valuable and Shareable stuff.

The main take away from this is try your best to create content not about your business, product, service or persona but about what YOUR readers are interested in.

stay dirty - Re Bull Facebook example - Yours Socially

“What are the most effective ways of using Facebook for business, without having to pay huge amounts of money for boosting posts? At the moment I only have a personal account and I’m active in relevant groups.” 

Love this question! This is something we get asked a lot particularly in the times of the Facebook scare.

If you are running a business, it is recommended to start a Facebook Business Page even if your business is you. There are more features and possibilities once you cross it to the Business side.

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways of using Facebook without having to pay huge amounts of money. Facebook advertising is way cheaper than traditional advertising. Facebook owns an incredibly targeted and diversified database of over 1 billion people. All you need to do is to identify your target market and start creating awesome content for them. Facebook will show it to the right people at the right time.

A quick note, posts boosting is only effective when a post you are boosting is already performing pretty well. We often boost posts when/if we want to get more eye balls on particular content. Otherwise, stick with growing your community (Likes) and bringing your community back to your website (Conversions).

“Do I have to come up with different content for my Facebook Page? Right now, I usually post my Instagram and blog posts to my Facebook page. Is that too repetitive? Or too much overlap?”

Awesome! This is another super common question we get which we love talking about as well. Basically, there are two major answers to this.

First, sharing similar content across all your social media channels is definitely a good idea as you’d want to appear consistent across all your channels of distributions.

However, and this is our second point, each social media channel (aka Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc) is different from one another, thus we recommend you optimise your message and images, or simply change them accordingly, just a little bit.

For example, sharing your blog posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is great and please do more of that. However, you’d want to change your status update for each channel making it more conversational for Facebook, a little more professional for LinkedIn, super visual for Instagram, etc.

Moreover, you won’t need a link for your Instagram update as links simply don’t work there; thus you’d really want to think how to share your blog posts on Instagram effectively. In other words, try to fit your content within each social media channel you are on.

Can we talk about growing your follower count on a platform like Instagram? How much does using hashtags really work to expand your reach.

Sure thing! This is something people often forget and sometimes misunderstand which is fine. Let’s dig into it.

Hashtags (or symbol #) placed in front of (key-)words makes these words searchable, or foundable, really. This means that if you don’t have any hashtags your content won’t be found. That’s true simply because we tried posting with and without the magical #’s observing very different results.

When people visit Instagram, they type in #fashion or #socialmedia or #business and browse the avalanche of content. If you are not using any general (your industry related and none branded) hashtags with your updates, your content simply won’t appear in front of hungry browsers.

Thank you everyone for your awesome time with us at the workshop and online. We enjoyed talking to you and truly hoping that our answers were helpful. However, if you still have any questions at all, please email us at anna@yourssocially.com.au or get in touch online – we love tweeting and are on Facebook pretty much all the time. Happy social media marketing, everyone!

– Yours Socially :)

P.S. Check out our recent video – the 5 ninja social media content tips from Anna & Franziska (from Basic Bananas). You better be making notes!

Social Media chat with Franziska from Basic Bananas

5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah


Creating irresistible content on social media is often a challenging process for all sorts of businesses out there.

We’ve been strategizing, producing, publishing, monitoring and measuring content on social media for long enough to find our golden goose which is now producing priceless golden eggs – fabulous social media content.

Awesome social media content is awesome because it is planned, consistent and relevant. However, we went beyond that and found 5 keys to attracting more fans on social media than Oprah.  

We have nothing to hide and want to share our findings with you so you can utilise powerful social media content in your digital marketing strategies.

Be Engaging! 

The influential role of emotion in consumer behavior is well documented. Advertising research reveals that emotional response to an ad has far greater influence on a consumer’s reported intent to buy a product than does the ad’s content. However the engaging content is what making the purchasers make a purchase.

Make people feel positive, happy, maybe a little shocked, fun, intrigued, curious, etc.


5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - real business - client

5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - lumix women - client - yours socially

Although business coaching and personal finance planning have nothing to do with the movie ‘Shallow Hall’ or tax increase on bananas in Australia, these are two curious pieces of content that generate a lot of engagement because these are the topics human beings are interested in. And they are engaging no doubt!

Be Entertaining! 

This is a great opportunity to introduce humor to your social media content strategy. Although sometimes businesses are unsure how entertaining they should be, finding your perfect balance isn’t very hard.

If you are starting up your social media activity or looking to update the current strategy, make humor one of your themes; and compose at least one entertaining and funny piece of content a week (or in two weeks).

Videos also drive a lot of engagement but must be short and relevant. Cupcakes are one of the most shared and engaged with bits of content on the internet, as well as cats. Whether you are creating content about cats, cupcakes, cloud computing or all three, your focus should be to remember the audience understand what is important to them and if they engage with you, respond… no one likes to be ignored!

By the way, according to research conducted by the British mobile network Three, more than 350,000 cat owners have created an account for their pet on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. Any of your customers are among these digital pet owners?

And finally, apps and games are HOT!


5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - yours socially

5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - Lumix Women - Yours Socially client

Be Visual! 

Here, at Yours Socially, we are very proud of our high quality content. We try our best to bring the feel and the look of expensive brands to the smaller size businesses making them look irresistible.

We are not tired of reminding how important it is to source high resolution images, use simple, beautiful and standing out pictures. And, of course, tailor your images to all your networks. There is no one fit all approach in social media either!


5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - lumix women - yours socially client Facebook image sample

5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - All The Wild Roses - Yours Socially client

5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - Don't do like this

A few simple examples above illustrate what we mean by good quality images. Apart from the message you are trying to convey, please keep your pictures large, crisp and top notch, basically.

Be Valuable! 

Being valuable means being helpful, useful, educational and being the go-to source. Who wouldn’t want this?! No one is born into being an authority (unless you are a Lion King) but can become one.

Crafting your content so that it adds value to your community’s lives is another crucial element of creating amazing social media content.


5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - yours socially client

When you receive a ‘thank you note’ for the content you shared you know you’ve nailed it.

Be Shareable! 

All of the above, when come together, make your content shareable.

There are generally 2 reasons why people share something on social media:

  • When bumping into an awesome piece of content they like they often feel and think ‘Shoot! I wish I came up with it!
  • We often want to look a little better, taller, brighter, smarter, etc… thus we share content on social media we believe helps us look the way we want.

The digital world is continuously changing. We keep our eye balls on the updates and a finger on the pulse testing and trying while maintaining awesome clients’ online profiles. All our content production work is based on a tailored for each client’s strategy.

However, the 5 keys of social media content success is something we’ve noticed reappearing again and again. We must be doing something right! And we know we do because we are a little social media obsessed.

What Type of Content Works on Facebook?


What Type of Content Works on Facebook?

First and foremost, people go to Facebook to hangout and check out what their friends and family had for breakfast, who said what about whom and where are everyone right now.

Therefore, in order to be noticed you need to appeal to your customers who are also Facebook users. Don’t interrupt them with your advertising but rather introduce something of value to them.

Content that works well on Facebook doesn’t necessarily work on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. You need to diversify! Why? Because different networks attract different types of content consumption. That is, people view content on different channels differently. For example, Twitter is a sharp and fast channel. Instagram is almost luxurious, stunning and informative. LinkedIn is a very professional beast. You see where I am going with it.

Yours Socially: its not all about cats

Let’s have a look in more details what works on Facebook.

Post a good variety of content – come up with a few themes for your Facebook posting and vary your updates so you appear social and human.

  1. Share your blog posts on social media including crisp and eye catching images, a line or two of attention grabbing summery and a link to the blog post. This is an opportunity to share news, debunk a few industry myths, educate, group a few useful lists and educate.
  2. So known, press releases, won’t be your too frequently posted content but it is good to break your balance and inform that you have a new employee or moved offices.
  3. Videos are increasing popular types of content which are particularly loved by Facebook. Short behind the scene videos, longer testimonials, educational, funny or promotional videos are increasing well performing content on Facebook. Post your video directly to Facebook as well as on your YouTube channel if you already have one.
  4. Contests are amazing traffic generators; however require moderation and management. Contents allow you to play with your fans and expand your horizons.
  5. Quotes, designed images and infographics are made for Facebook. We, humans, are very visual and can often stare at an amazing or quirky image for hours. Otherwise, Kazimir Malevich would have never made it as an artist.
  6. Hashtags are searchable on Instagram and Twitter so you don’t need to worry about them too much on Facebook o LinkedIn.
  7. Be interesting and share stories. Facebook allows you much more characters than Twitter or LinkedIn which is there for you to tell stories. Don’t stuff it with sales messages but rather educate, entertain and amaze.

When planning your Facebook content, step into your consumers’ shoes, recall why you visit Facebook yourself and act accordingly.

Social media is social because we come here to hang out and socialize.

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