What is Facebook Advert Relevance Score?


What is Facebook Advert Relevance Score?

Facebook advertising is one of the best social media tools you can think of. It is so simply because Facebook has been collecting data on all their users since the beginning of their days in 2004. Alongside many useful features, Facebook has recently released a new beast to keep your eye on.

Advert Relevance Score measures how relevant your advert is to your target audience. It ranks your ads from 1 to 10, based on its judgement of your audience’s behavior. The higher the score, the cheaper your advert will become and more people within target audience will see the ad.

According to Facebook, when your advert’s score drops, it may be an indicator to refresh your advert’s creative or change its target audience. You can use the score to test your creative to help determine which message, image or video resonates most with your targeted consumers.

How Does It Work?

According to Facebook, after your advert is served more than 500 times (that is seen for than 500 times), it receives a daily relevance score from 1–10, ten meaning that it was estimated highly relevant and one meaning it wasn’t so much.

The advert’s relevance score is based on positive and negative feedback that Facebook expect from the people seeing the ads. The score is calculated considering a few different elements depending on your objective (e.g. clicks to website or post views). Basically, the number of times Facebook expects people to take a desired action, such as sharing or liking, constitutes a positive feedback. The negative feedback is based on the number of times people hide your advert or choose not to see adverts.

How To Improve?

In order to get a higher score, you’ll need to be specific with your targeting. Always refresh and re-evaluate your advert’s image and message. Keep your message simple and related to what you are promoting.

When the relevance score for an advert drops, try creating another advert with new content for your audience. Learn from testing!

Relevancy score is another metrics to check out every time you go over your Facebook advertising results. We recommend you don’t stress too much about it. Simply watch the number, refresh your adverts and keep the good work up.

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