What Are The Most Effective Ways of Using Facebook for Business?


Just a few weeks back we were invited to talk about the 5 keys to attracting more fans on social media at the first “Leaders In Heels: Creating Brand Awareness Online” workshop.

The presentation went on for about 10 minutes, followed by half an hour of questions from the hungry audience. We really enjoyed the panel! Some questions were particularly challenging, others entertaining and many were very interesting.

Out of 170 ladies (and a few gents) registered we had about 90 business owners turning up on a rainy night in Sydney. Well done, everyone!

anna speaking at leaders in heels

A few days after the event, once images made their way to the social media, we had a few people asking us more and more social media questions; so we decided to go SOCIAL posting the #ASKANNA update on our Facebook Page and a few other community Pages we like to hang out at. The respond was overwhelming!

This is why we decided to share a few awesome questions with you, trying our best answering them.

“Who are some great examples of social media excellence and why?”

Great question indeed! In fact, we find it inspirational and helpful to watch well performing social media accounts in order to come up with your own awesome stuff. Led by example, I say! :)

There are a few Facebook Page, Instagram accounts, Twitter campaigns and Pinterest Boards we admire; however we will share one today. Red Bull is one of the awesome examples of creating content FOR consumers. Less ‘Buy me!’ and more Engagement, Entertaining, Visual, Valuable and Shareable stuff.

The main take away from this is try your best to create content not about your business, product, service or persona but about what YOUR readers are interested in.

stay dirty - Re Bull Facebook example - Yours Socially

“What are the most effective ways of using Facebook for business, without having to pay huge amounts of money for boosting posts? At the moment I only have a personal account and I’m active in relevant groups.” 

Love this question! This is something we get asked a lot particularly in the times of the Facebook scare.

If you are running a business, it is recommended to start a Facebook Business Page even if your business is you. There are more features and possibilities once you cross it to the Business side.

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways of using Facebook without having to pay huge amounts of money. Facebook advertising is way cheaper than traditional advertising. Facebook owns an incredibly targeted and diversified database of over 1 billion people. All you need to do is to identify your target market and start creating awesome content for them. Facebook will show it to the right people at the right time.

A quick note, posts boosting is only effective when a post you are boosting is already performing pretty well. We often boost posts when/if we want to get more eye balls on particular content. Otherwise, stick with growing your community (Likes) and bringing your community back to your website (Conversions).

“Do I have to come up with different content for my Facebook Page? Right now, I usually post my Instagram and blog posts to my Facebook page. Is that too repetitive? Or too much overlap?”

Awesome! This is another super common question we get which we love talking about as well. Basically, there are two major answers to this.

First, sharing similar content across all your social media channels is definitely a good idea as you’d want to appear consistent across all your channels of distributions.

However, and this is our second point, each social media channel (aka Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc) is different from one another, thus we recommend you optimise your message and images, or simply change them accordingly, just a little bit.

For example, sharing your blog posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is great and please do more of that. However, you’d want to change your status update for each channel making it more conversational for Facebook, a little more professional for LinkedIn, super visual for Instagram, etc.

Moreover, you won’t need a link for your Instagram update as links simply don’t work there; thus you’d really want to think how to share your blog posts on Instagram effectively. In other words, try to fit your content within each social media channel you are on.

Can we talk about growing your follower count on a platform like Instagram? How much does using hashtags really work to expand your reach.

Sure thing! This is something people often forget and sometimes misunderstand which is fine. Let’s dig into it.

Hashtags (or symbol #) placed in front of (key-)words makes these words searchable, or foundable, really. This means that if you don’t have any hashtags your content won’t be found. That’s true simply because we tried posting with and without the magical #’s observing very different results.

When people visit Instagram, they type in #fashion or #socialmedia or #business and browse the avalanche of content. If you are not using any general (your industry related and none branded) hashtags with your updates, your content simply won’t appear in front of hungry browsers.

Thank you everyone for your awesome time with us at the workshop and online. We enjoyed talking to you and truly hoping that our answers were helpful. However, if you still have any questions at all, please email us at anna@yourssocially.com.au or get in touch online – we love tweeting and are on Facebook pretty much all the time. Happy social media marketing, everyone!

– Yours Socially :)

P.S. Check out our recent video – the 5 ninja social media content tips from Anna & Franziska (from Basic Bananas). You better be making notes!

Social Media chat with Franziska from Basic Bananas

5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah


Creating irresistible content on social media is often a challenging process for all sorts of businesses out there.

We’ve been strategizing, producing, publishing, monitoring and measuring content on social media for long enough to find our golden goose which is now producing priceless golden eggs – fabulous social media content.

Awesome social media content is awesome because it is planned, consistent and relevant. However, we went beyond that and found 5 keys to attracting more fans on social media than Oprah.  

We have nothing to hide and want to share our findings with you so you can utilise powerful social media content in your digital marketing strategies.

Be Engaging! 

The influential role of emotion in consumer behavior is well documented. Advertising research reveals that emotional response to an ad has far greater influence on a consumer’s reported intent to buy a product than does the ad’s content. However the engaging content is what making the purchasers make a purchase.

Make people feel positive, happy, maybe a little shocked, fun, intrigued, curious, etc.


5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - real business - client

5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - lumix women - client - yours socially

Although business coaching and personal finance planning have nothing to do with the movie ‘Shallow Hall’ or tax increase on bananas in Australia, these are two curious pieces of content that generate a lot of engagement because these are the topics human beings are interested in. And they are engaging no doubt!

Be Entertaining! 

This is a great opportunity to introduce humor to your social media content strategy. Although sometimes businesses are unsure how entertaining they should be, finding your perfect balance isn’t very hard.

If you are starting up your social media activity or looking to update the current strategy, make humor one of your themes; and compose at least one entertaining and funny piece of content a week (or in two weeks).

Videos also drive a lot of engagement but must be short and relevant. Cupcakes are one of the most shared and engaged with bits of content on the internet, as well as cats. Whether you are creating content about cats, cupcakes, cloud computing or all three, your focus should be to remember the audience understand what is important to them and if they engage with you, respond… no one likes to be ignored!

By the way, according to research conducted by the British mobile network Three, more than 350,000 cat owners have created an account for their pet on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. Any of your customers are among these digital pet owners?

And finally, apps and games are HOT!


5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - yours socially

5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - Lumix Women - Yours Socially client

Be Visual! 

Here, at Yours Socially, we are very proud of our high quality content. We try our best to bring the feel and the look of expensive brands to the smaller size businesses making them look irresistible.

We are not tired of reminding how important it is to source high resolution images, use simple, beautiful and standing out pictures. And, of course, tailor your images to all your networks. There is no one fit all approach in social media either!


5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - lumix women - yours socially client Facebook image sample

5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - All The Wild Roses - Yours Socially client

5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - Don't do like this

A few simple examples above illustrate what we mean by good quality images. Apart from the message you are trying to convey, please keep your pictures large, crisp and top notch, basically.

Be Valuable! 

Being valuable means being helpful, useful, educational and being the go-to source. Who wouldn’t want this?! No one is born into being an authority (unless you are a Lion King) but can become one.

Crafting your content so that it adds value to your community’s lives is another crucial element of creating amazing social media content.


5 Keys to Attracting More Fans on Social Media Than Oprah - yours socially client

When you receive a ‘thank you note’ for the content you shared you know you’ve nailed it.

Be Shareable! 

All of the above, when come together, make your content shareable.

There are generally 2 reasons why people share something on social media:

  • When bumping into an awesome piece of content they like they often feel and think ‘Shoot! I wish I came up with it!
  • We often want to look a little better, taller, brighter, smarter, etc… thus we share content on social media we believe helps us look the way we want.

The digital world is continuously changing. We keep our eye balls on the updates and a finger on the pulse testing and trying while maintaining awesome clients’ online profiles. All our content production work is based on a tailored for each client’s strategy.

However, the 5 keys of social media content success is something we’ve noticed reappearing again and again. We must be doing something right! And we know we do because we are a little social media obsessed.

7 Bulletproof Ways to Promote Your Business on Twitter


‘I don’t understand Twitter’, ‘It seems to be like a lot of noise’, ‘Twitter isn’t for me. It is younger crowd thing’, ‘No, I don’t use Twitter, it doesn’t really work for my business’ are some of the reasons we’ve heard when asked ‘Do you use Twitter?’

7 Bulletproof Ways to Promote Your Business on Twitter - Yours Socially

These are some shocking answers considering that there are 236 million monthly active users on Twitter. How many people do you have in your database?

In the nutshell, Twitter is a short message communication tool that allows you to send out messages (tweets) up to 140 characters long to people who subscribe to you (followers). Your tweets can include a link to any web content (blog post, website page, PDF document, etc.) or a photograph or video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, adding an image to a tweet greatly expands what you can share to beyond the 140-character limit for tweets.

People follow your Twitter account, and you follow other people. This allows you to read, reply to and easily share their tweets with your followers (retweet).

Twitter is unique because in the social media world, it falls into the category of microblogging because of the short, disconnected messages it distributes. Twitter is also incredibly fast and this is why tweets often go viral.

A tweet can cost you a job or a client or make you a celebrity over night.

Although Twitter doesn’t give any guarantees that it will make your business a six figure empire within minutes, it can definitely help you grow your business. However, this is not a quick fix marketing scheme. Twitter is a simple but effort requiring marketing tool.

To make sure your Twitter account makes some impact, you need to grow it. A Twitter account with large following, active presence and awesome design can get you closer to becoming the six figure empire. Let’s have a look How.

1. Before you set up your Twitter account (if you don’t have one) make sure your Twitter-friendly designs are ready such as your profile and cover photos, your little bio and the links you want to display.

Here are a few brilliant examples.

Basic Bananas twitter cover photo

real business twitter account

american express twitter account

So basic but often forgotten, profile and cover images are either pixelated or absent which makes average Twitter users want to click off your profile as soon as possible.

Your Twitter profile is your front porch where your customers, suppliers and partners start their journey of meeting and getting to know you. You want your front doors to be high quality. Your cover images should also represent your brand’s personality and give as much useful information about your business as possible.

You can even display your specials or advertise events on your Twitter cover photo. It is like a giant billboard on your shop’s front wall. Use it.

2. If you take the “social” out of social media, then you’ve lost the point!

Yes, Twitter is another mean of advertising and brand promotion thus many treat it as such. Twitter though won’t help you promote your brand if you are not social on it. It is hard to grow your Twitter community with 2 tweets a month and 1 interaction a week.

Twitter, just like any social media network, feeds on people’s interests – tweeting sales messages won’t get you anywhere.

Listening to your community is equally important as talking to it. When you listen you know what they like and you know what kind of tweets to provide.

For example, people love inspirational quotes. Not all businesses are about inspiration. On Twitter, your brand is a human, not walls and tables. Is there a way to bring inspiration of some sort to your audience?

Yours Socially viral tweet

Sometimes, the inspiration is in shocking figures, outstanding results or new employees.

We shared a quote from Tony Robbins which resonated with over 400 people on Twitter, with 168 people sharing (re-tweeting) the quote and 195 people liking (favoriting) it. All happened within the first few hours.

Being human shouldn’t be hard work; however it often is because businesses often forget that there are also humans on other side of Twitter. Don’t irritate them by constantly asking to buy something – provide something they want.

3. Keep moving forward and keep up the great work is not just a wage wish.

Twitter is populated with businesses, consumers, marketers and even fake profiles. This is why your profile’s number of followers will rise and drop every day, every hour and every minute. It is not much of a problem when you have a few thousands of followers; however it can be frustrating for newcomers.

After months of marketing efforts, you may still see a low follower count on your Twitter profile. It can be disheartening, but you shouldn’t give up, because real success takes time and patience. The key is to be consistent with it and to add your own unique voice and views.

The key is to tweet something of value to your audience. Don’t just tweet in the hope to get a few thousand of followers overnight. Instead, tweet because you are dying to share some awesome content with your readers.

Another useful tip is to find the “tribes” you want to contribute to and find out what hashtags they frequently use.

4. Don’t be afraid to promote others. Re-tweeting and tagging is natural on Twitter and it exposes your brand to the rest of the tweeting community.

Some of the most successful Twitter users out there re-tweet to promote others much more than they promote their own content. This encourages the formation of an engaged audience, and when the time is right, a community that’s ready to listen.

There are people on Twitter who tweet regularly, share and tag day and night and have large following. To market effectively on Twitter, connect with these influencers, share their tweets, reply back to their tweets, and engage with their content.

Moreover, check out who are the followers of these influencers. Are they worth to be following? Should you start a conversation with them? Maybe visit their profile and send a personal message praising their work and introducing yourself?

5. Keep it positive. Although we are often drawn to negative and often shocking news on television, we want to feel good on social media.

everything is awesome


Always share and post positive and uplifting content. No need to broadcast about the local shooting unless your prime services include news delivery.

It’s been shown that when you’re happy and humorous on Twitter, you gain more followers than if you keep a negative tone. In fact, its been found that negative connotation Twitter profiles often lose followers quicker than any other profiles.

6. Use hashtags whether you think they are silly or not. 

yours socially social media

Hashtags are searchable making your content foundable. Don’t forget to make the most of the trending hashtags as well – they are displayed on the left side from your Twitter news feeds and are updated every day.

If you’d like to dig into hashtags a little more, there are tools available such as hashtagify.me which allows you to look for relevant to your industry hashtags checking out how popular or unpopular certain hashtags are.There are also little things you can install such as ritetag.com which displays how popular your hashtag is while you are typing it in.

We wouldn’t 100 per cent rely on these tools but they are nice helpers.

You may also tag a brand or a celebrity in order to target a wider audience.

However, please don’t overdo any of that. Very specific hashtags are often never found and too much tagging will probably annoy your community.

Smart marketing in moderation, we say.

7. Plan schedule and hire a community manager. 

How many different hats are you already wearing in your business? Is worrying about Twitter one of them?

While some people prefer to take care of everything in their business others are mastering the art of delegation whether allocating work to their tools or people.

At Yours Socially, we delegate because we are solely focusing on social media instead of worrying about accounting, business planning or human resource – these are the areas for the experts to look after for us.

We delegate our social media work to smart tools as well. Planning and scheduling must be a part of any business enterprise. When it comes to your social media strategy, content and implementation, you need to know why you are doing it, when you are doing, what are you getting out of it and how much it is costing you. This is why, planning ahead is crucial and scheduling is helpful.

CHECK OUT ‘5 Top Social Media Engagement and Automation Myths on Facebook’for more details on scheduling and planning.

When you are planning your tweets, you are already ahead of others. Without a plan you will be wasting hours of your precious time every day trying to come up with new content.

And what happens if you are away for a week or a month or a year? Who’s tweeting for you? Scheduling can resolve this problem. However, it cannot engage with your fans while you are having a business meeting in Hong Kong or on other side of town. Hiring a community manager can often save you a lot of time and money.


Twitter is powerful. But with great power comes great responsibility. Make sure your design doesn’t stink, you are trying your best to be genuinely human, you don’t just give it a two weeks go and give up, you happily promote others and connect with your fans tagging and asking questions, you are positive, you utilise hashtags and always plan ahead.

If you take your social media marketing seriously and approach it as you would approach your accounting or business planning, you might see some amazing results which would also cost almost nothing in comparison with many other means of marketing and advertising.

If you feel like talking to someone, don’t hesitate to give us a buzz.

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How to Use Facebook Graph Search For Your Business’ Benefit?


Facebook Graph Search can be an excellent tool for small and large brands to learn more about Who their Fans are and What other things they like.

This can be a goldmine if you know how to use it. We, at Yours Socially, use Graph Search information to craft advertising messages as well as set up interest targeting (Facebook advertising).

Here is a quick graph search we run when learning Yours Socially audience.

How to Use Facebook Graph Search in Your Business? by Yours Socially

Note that we search it using one of our personal accounts. Moreover, Graph Search is only available to the American profiles so switch your language settings to USA if you are having a UK or AUS right now.

This quick search allows you to see what your audience likes outside of your business Page and also who are the competitors in your space.

Note that Facebook Graph Search is a semantic search engine. That means it tries to give you results related to the context of your search terms. It is pretty amazing, to be honest!

There’s a wealth of information to search for including company names, products or services, hashtags, comments, users, press and reviews. You can do a search on several different options to find out how your competitors are engaging with people. Are they commenting on or liking related posts? Is that interaction done via their page profile or by personal profiles from people within the company?

You can also search people, photos, pages, places, apps and events which give you an amazing overview of your followers and competitors Facebook activities.

How to Use Facebook Graph Search in Your Business? by Yours Socially  check it out

You can research other Pages’ ads content and see how many likes and shares they get.

You can also have a look into your followers’ interests to understand what they enjoy reading on Facebook. These interests might be something for you to produce your content around or perhaps your community manager could engage with people of certain interests. There are endless opportunities once you know what your audience likes and wants.

How to Use Facebook Graph Search in Your Business (especially for your advertising)? by Yours Socially

Same goes for Groups – Graph Search allows you to look into the groups your followers are members of.

It gets more interesting and more detailed. You can search by specific Page’s owners to see what their interests are.

How to Use Facebook Graph Search in Your Business (research)? by Yours Socially

You can also search by age, for example, search for Pages liked by people over the age of 25 who like Key Person of Influence or Pages liked by women, or women who live in Australia, or in Sydney or you could even search for Movies people liked, games they played, etc.

An integral part of your marketing is figuring out what your audience likes, aside from your brand, of course. Thus, knowing that information gives you new ‘excuses’ for engagement that will deeply interest your readers and followers on many fronts.

Armed with that knowledge, you can think of ways to integrate that kind of content in your campaigns. The main idea here is to engage with your customers on their home turf.

Women from Sydney, Australia who like TEDxSydney

As you can see, the opportunities are endless. Each search will give you thousands of results. It is up to you how you ‘attack’ the data and whether you implement it in your strategies or not.

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5 Top Social Media Engagement and Automation Myths on Facebook


5 Top Social Media Engagement and Automation Myths on Facebook with Yours Socially

Over a number of years of working with social media I’ve noticed that although the industry has moved on to a new level, many business owners are left behind.

This is true due to the frequent industry updates. When you spend as much time on social media as someone like me, social media obsessed (in a good way of course), you start noticing many little things change every day. In fact, on average, Facebook updates something every day; it doesn’t necessarily release it to the public though.

Facebook is constantly testing and trying things – one day you see a new feature which is often gone next day. Thus, I understand why so many business owners are still behind the social media progress. It is truly difficult to keep up with their updates if your job is to grow your business, not spy on Facebook.

This is why today we’ve decided to go over the top 5 common myths around Facebook, in particular regarding engagement and automation. Why? Because these are the topics we get the most questions about and the most engagement with includes your comments, likes and feedback.

MYTH #1: Facebook is not suitable for B2B operators.

 social media discussion on Linkedin conversation on LinkedIn

We’ve published our blog post ‘Which Social Media Channel Suits Your Business?’  a few weeks ago which we distributed through our social media networks.

On LinkedIn, we got particularly many comments on this post because I shared it with a few Groups with astronomical 999,969 members. Of course, my 1,275 connections and 1,381 followers on LinkedIn were fairly helpful too. Apparently, choosing the right network is simply one of the hottest topics.

We decided to share one of the comments with you so you can see that you are not alone. Many, in fact, very many business owners tend to firmly believe that Facebook is for B2C only; that is business to customers’ operators.

There are two problems with this belief. First of all, no business is run without people and it is no longer business to customers space we live in, it is, in fact, people to people. Secondly, businesses are no longer talking at people announcing their products and services but communicating and solving problems instead. It is a both way highway. Your audience is now genuinely expecting you to help them whether it is answering their questions, buying your product or entertaining them with cats’ videos. 

Any business has a person or two behind it, sometimes a large team, sometimes even a few. As an enterprise targeting another enterprise, you are trying to appeal to people because they are the driving force and the decision makers.

The reason why cats’ videos and memes get shared and liked so much is because people come to Facebook to hang out. Sometimes these people happen to run a small business or a global enterprise.


A small example you can probably relate to is one of our clients’ Facebook updates which drove 14 comments within first 10 minutes or so.

We shared an image of a new green Coca Cola can asking followers to share what they thought of the ‘healthy’ option. The news was timely, it was in public interest and it was trending on social media at the moment. Although our client is a financial planner, not a soft drink expert or a personal trainer, they received such great feedback because this is what people were talking about at the moment. Let me add that everyone who commented were within the client’s targeted audience.

Lumix Coca Cola Facebook discussion blog post

This is a good example of people being people who are interested in people’s stuff like current affairs, news, health, wealth, their families etc. That said, we don’t encourage you to share every single news or post something of public interest but contradicting with your brand. Keep your content relevant but allow yourself to be a human.

MYTH#2: Conservative brands play conservative on Facebook.  

5 Top Social Media Engagement and Automation Myths on Facebook

This is particularly common among financial planners, mortgage brokers, law firm and sometimes builders. This is so common because these are generally perceived as ‘conservative’ and ‘serious’ industries only talking about ‘serious stuff’.

Guess what, readers often get bored of this ‘serious’ content and they don’t want to know the latest accounting updates (unless you are an accounting updates publisher) but they want final results. This is important!

It comes as a surprise to many; however think about your own behavior. When you are accessing your website back end to publish a blog post or check your analytics, do you really care about all the fascinating technical processes that support your website? Do you really want to know what piece of code went were to make your website work? No, not really. What you want is the end result – the well-functioning website converting your visitors into your customers. Am I right? Or am I right? :)

Moreover, while everyone else is thinking that ‘serious’ is the way to be, you have a competitive advantage of being different.

Don’t get me wrong, we are not trying to persuade you to be outrageous or post endless cats videos. However, we encourage you to think outside the box. In order to do so you need to have a very clear image of your target audience whenever crafting your social media messages. Know what they like, what they are passionate about and what problems they have. If you are the ‘go-to’ Facebook source you are sharing content outside of your business’ box.

MYTH#3: Scheduling updates is anti-human.

YTH#3: Scheduling updates is anti-human.

Social media automation has been under a lot of scrutiny since the beginning of automation. Yes, we get it, getting your computer to post updates for you seems to be soul-less; however it depends on how smart, or not, you are using your automation tools. Believe it or not, there is nothing wrong with getting your Facebook posts serviced to your audience in the time they want to see them.

If you have a few clones of yourself and can reply to all your incoming emails, craft your social media messages, answer phone calls, update your website, send newsletters and write business proposal at the same time then stop reading now – you probably don’t need to automate anything.

For the rest of us, we need to be very careful with our time and energy – we live every single day only once.

Automating social media is just one of your marketing tools. You need to put your ‘human’ into your content that you are posting on social media. Getting your computer to send it live is similar to using your voice mail. Thus, there is nothing anti-human in scheduling your posts.

That said, you need a human to do human tasks on social media such as engage, communicate and of course observe. Automation is anti-human only because humans shouldn’t be posting if machines can. Humans should interact and create stories.

MYTH#4: Paying for LIKEs is a waste of money. 

MYTH#4: Paying for LIKEs is a waste of money.

This is another misunderstood social media beast. Paying for fake accounts to like your Page IS a waste of money; however paying to Facebook to show your Page to highly targeted audience is gold.

Facebook advertising is segmented into a number of opportunities, one of which is Page Promotion or so known paying for likes. Facebook has been out there collecting data on all their users (we are talking billions) which they now sell to businesses through Facebook advertising. Imagine, you had your owe database of 3 billion people. Imagined? Well, this is Facebook’s database and they are allowing you to tap into it for a very small price (in comparison with traditional advertising).

MYTH#5 Posting on Facebook will make hundreds of people flock to your business. 

MYTH#5 Posting on Facebook will make hundreds of people flock to your business.

Although incredibly effective, Facebook, just like any other form of marketing, requires strategy. Random posting won’t get you anywhere. Your strategy must at least include your target audience, your content themes, all the activities planned out in advance, community management and advertising.

Facebook is not a charity organisation but a very successful business. They make money of advertising – this is why they often don’t even show your posts to all your audience, but only a portion of your readership.

From time to time, Facebook cleans up its Pages and removes likes from inactive business pages. Moreover, if you only visit your business Page once a week to post an image-free boring sales message, Facebook probably won’t show it to anyone.


  • Drop the B2C and B2B concepts; we live in the P2P world where people operate businesses, not other way round. Craft your Facebook messages accordingly.
  • If conservative is your preferred tone of voice on Facebook its fine; however it might perform a little worse than other more lively brands so just beware of it.
  • Automation is not a dirty secret. Everyone is doing it. Nothing is wrong with it. All you need to do is to put your mind into it. That said, always have your community manager handy – automation is only one step in your Facebook marketing strategy.
  • Facebook likes advertising is incredibly effective. But don’t confuse it with buying fake social media accounts’ likes – they are useless because you cannot interact with them. Facebook likes growth, on the contrary, allows you to build relevant and active community around your brand.
  • Facebook marketing is not a magic pill or a quick fix. Just like your email marketing, traditional advertising or even networking, Facebook requires consistent effort and time.

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What is Facebook Advert Relevance Score?


What is Facebook Advert Relevance Score?

Facebook advertising is one of the best social media tools you can think of. It is so simply because Facebook has been collecting data on all their users since the beginning of their days in 2004. Alongside many useful features, Facebook has recently released a new beast to keep your eye on.

Advert Relevance Score measures how relevant your advert is to your target audience. It ranks your ads from 1 to 10, based on its judgement of your audience’s behavior. The higher the score, the cheaper your advert will become and more people within target audience will see the ad.

According to Facebook, when your advert’s score drops, it may be an indicator to refresh your advert’s creative or change its target audience. You can use the score to test your creative to help determine which message, image or video resonates most with your targeted consumers.

How Does It Work?

According to Facebook, after your advert is served more than 500 times (that is seen for than 500 times), it receives a daily relevance score from 1–10, ten meaning that it was estimated highly relevant and one meaning it wasn’t so much.

The advert’s relevance score is based on positive and negative feedback that Facebook expect from the people seeing the ads. The score is calculated considering a few different elements depending on your objective (e.g. clicks to website or post views). Basically, the number of times Facebook expects people to take a desired action, such as sharing or liking, constitutes a positive feedback. The negative feedback is based on the number of times people hide your advert or choose not to see adverts.

How To Improve?

In order to get a higher score, you’ll need to be specific with your targeting. Always refresh and re-evaluate your advert’s image and message. Keep your message simple and related to what you are promoting.

When the relevance score for an advert drops, try creating another advert with new content for your audience. Learn from testing!

Relevancy score is another metrics to check out every time you go over your Facebook advertising results. We recommend you don’t stress too much about it. Simply watch the number, refresh your adverts and keep the good work up.

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What Type of Content Works on Facebook?


What Type of Content Works on Facebook?

First and foremost, people go to Facebook to hangout and check out what their friends and family had for breakfast, who said what about whom and where are everyone right now.

Therefore, in order to be noticed you need to appeal to your customers who are also Facebook users. Don’t interrupt them with your advertising but rather introduce something of value to them.

Content that works well on Facebook doesn’t necessarily work on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. You need to diversify! Why? Because different networks attract different types of content consumption. That is, people view content on different channels differently. For example, Twitter is a sharp and fast channel. Instagram is almost luxurious, stunning and informative. LinkedIn is a very professional beast. You see where I am going with it.

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Let’s have a look in more details what works on Facebook.

Post a good variety of content – come up with a few themes for your Facebook posting and vary your updates so you appear social and human.

  1. Share your blog posts on social media including crisp and eye catching images, a line or two of attention grabbing summery and a link to the blog post. This is an opportunity to share news, debunk a few industry myths, educate, group a few useful lists and educate.
  2. So known, press releases, won’t be your too frequently posted content but it is good to break your balance and inform that you have a new employee or moved offices.
  3. Videos are increasing popular types of content which are particularly loved by Facebook. Short behind the scene videos, longer testimonials, educational, funny or promotional videos are increasing well performing content on Facebook. Post your video directly to Facebook as well as on your YouTube channel if you already have one.
  4. Contests are amazing traffic generators; however require moderation and management. Contents allow you to play with your fans and expand your horizons.
  5. Quotes, designed images and infographics are made for Facebook. We, humans, are very visual and can often stare at an amazing or quirky image for hours. Otherwise, Kazimir Malevich would have never made it as an artist.
  6. Hashtags are searchable on Instagram and Twitter so you don’t need to worry about them too much on Facebook o LinkedIn.
  7. Be interesting and share stories. Facebook allows you much more characters than Twitter or LinkedIn which is there for you to tell stories. Don’t stuff it with sales messages but rather educate, entertain and amaze.

When planning your Facebook content, step into your consumers’ shoes, recall why you visit Facebook yourself and act accordingly.

Social media is social because we come here to hang out and socialize.

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Which Social Media Channel Suits Your Business?


Which Social Media Channel Suits Your

As we all know, everyone is on Facebook nowadays. Moreover, everyone is on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and God knows what else. In our increasingly connected society, building a social media presence is as commonplace as getting a driver’s license.

It might be tempting to follow the social media trends that are considered hot in popular culture and jump on whatever platform is being talked about the most. However how do you know which of these opportunities is the best for your company or small business? In order to answer this question we need to understand how each social media channel works and who is following it.


Let’s start with the ‘Almighty’ Facebook which is a commonly preferred network due to a number of reasons; one of which is the growing population. Facebook has 1.939 billion active users. There are 7.125 billion people on the planet. So, it is a giant data base of people at the tip of your fingers.

Facebook is an incredibly social beast which is why there are so many cats’ videos, celebrity gossips and now advertising. For an average user, Facebook represents many windows of opportunities – it is a way to learn new recipe ideas, play games, check out photos, connect with family, rant about favorite shows, and more. Facebook enables so many activities people truly enjoy. Should your business join Facebook? Yes, it should.

I almost can’t think of an industry which won’t benefit from utilizing Facebook marketing. If you think your customers aren’t on Facebook because of their age, think again. Demographic report shows that Facebook added 10.8 million adults in the 25 to 34 demographic, a growth of 32.6 percent. In the 35 to 54-year-old demographic, Facebook experienced a 41.4 percent growth, adding 16.4 million new users. This, by itself, is pretty impressive!

Moreover, don’t forget that while you might think that your audience isn’t accustomed to the online space, as time progresses, you will be behind many younger tech savvy business owners if you don’t get yourself in a digital shape.


The noisy Twitter simply cannot be ignored. Twitter has never disclosed its total number of registered users but mentioned 232 million active users. Although this is considered to be only a partial number, this is 232 million potential consumers. You don’t necessarily want to target them all but you definitely want to hang out with them. Should your business join Twitter? Sure, it should.

Twitter only allows you 140 characters to communicate your messages. It often pushes people to produce and share sales messages due to the limit of words. However, Twitter space is about sharp conversations, tagging each other, spilling hashtags and sharing links. If your business has promotions, discounts, events and contests to show off, Twitter is your holy ground. Otherwise, just keep it conversational and visit Twitter as frequently as you can.


Instagram is a true queen of showing off your goodies. As of December 2014, the mainly mobile photo sharing network had reach 300 million monthly active users. 13 percent of all Internet users are on Instagram. These are impressive numbers by themselves.

Instagram is relatively easy network to grow you following on but if you do not have the time and the passion (together with the strategy), you might want to choose another channel. Should your business join Instagram? Sure, it should.

If your company sells clothes, accessories, pets, design, art, food or any other visually appetising products or services, Instagram is the place to be. Travel, fashion and food industries are flourishing on Instagram. Saying that, don’t forget that over 90 percent of the 150 million people on Instagram are under the age of 35 and 68 percent of its users are females; and it receives 544 million daily uploads. This is the place to be for the right business. The rest should utilise their time and effort somewhere else.


Pinterest is a lot of fun and can be an amazing traffic driver for the right types of businesses. A study released in July 2013 revealing that the website had 70 million users worldwide with the 80 percent of them being women. Another extremely visual platform allows you to categorise things you like, include location and links to your posts and share other people’s stuff. Should your business join Pinterest? Yes, of course.

Pinterest is ideas platform which allows users to find answers to their questions. People come to Pinterest to research fashion, renovation, cooking, and more, trends to improve their lives.

Now, imagine if you are selling vintage nails or hammers, unique cooking books or fancy cocktail dresses, Pinterest is like a giant board where you can place your products on to become someone’s inspiration. Women are using Pinterest in a far more aspirational and motivational way than are men, who are more likely to use Pinterest like a visual bookmarking tool. Opportunities are there; however it depends if you are the right type of business for it.


With 347 million users, LinkedIn has transformed our perception of networking. LinkedIn is a professional beast with a healthy balance between male and female users and average user’s age of 35 to 54. LinkedIn used to be a job search site which is no longer the case. The functionality of this space has extended into knowledge and expertise sharing and self-publishing. Should your business join LinkedIn? Yes, it should.

Although LinkedIn offers company pages features similar to Facebook pages, they are a little tricky at this point in time. Due to the professional nature of LinkedIn, growing your Company Page following is not as easy. It is a lovely idea to have a LinkedIn company page so you can list more information about your business, your employees and even share some news with your audience. However, if you are not ready to unleash some solid management guns, it might appear a little difficult to grow a good following. Saying that, nothing stops you from expanding your business’ horizons with the help of your LinkedIn personal profile and Groups.

Groups often have larger following already so it is handy to join your industry Groups and share your knowledge on regular basis. Your profile will need to be informative and easy to scan through so whoever likes your Group’s postings can always visit your personal profile learning more about you and your business.

and more

There are hundreds of different social networks including Quora, SlideShare, Tumblr and much more. Some of them would suit your business more than others. Joining many is of course a better strategy than joining none. However, due to the common lack of hands and heads, joining a few is a smarter approach.

Most of social media channels are amazing tools – they are fun to work with and they provide another window of opportunities. However, if you cannot manage them all, just stick with at least two. In order to choose the most suitable networks for your business, you need to have a good understanding of your customers. What kind of social users they are? Where do they hang out the most? How do they prefer to research? Sometimes you know for sure, sometimes you’ll need to sit down with your team or even outside professionals to work it out.

If you are still unsure which social media channels will work the best for you, we are happy to help you find the answers. 

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